Holbox Bioluminiscencia Sin Transportación*

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Take an unforgettable trip to Holbox, experiencing Bioluminescence. one of the most fascinating natural phenomena in the world.

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Experience the magical island of Holbox like never before admiring the phenomenon of bioluminescence. The very weak light production of certain organisms, which are very visible in the dark, generate a luminescent effect as in very few places in the world. And Holbox is one of them. Isla Holbox is known for its white sand streets where bicycles or golf carts are the only means of transportation. Thus, achieving the conservation of the different ecosystems of the region. At night a boat will take you to the bioluminescence zone where your trip will turn into something magical and will become one of your best memories.

*Operation dates subject to change without prior notice, for more information consult our terms and conditions.

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